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samedi 29 janvier 2011

Stratospheric stories

1959, Audoin Dollfus (student of Bernard Lyot)

1960, with the jump


now with digital camera and iphones or other gps, people can film "space" at low price!

Beatbox medley

I was guarding him in 1995 or 1996

France beat Sweden 29-26 in the hand-ball world championship semi-finals.
Bertrand Gille scored 8 goals. I remember perfectly being blown away when I was the assigned defender against him.
I played for Annecy Le Vieux and he was with Loriol at the time.
To me, handball is one of the best team sport, great memories!

vendredi 28 janvier 2011

For the lovers of Mexico City

If you love the DF, you should do all of these items before you die:
 I've done a lot of them.. haha
(thanks Akemichu)

jeudi 27 janvier 2011

Las Guerreras de Juárez

Las Guerreras de Juárez

mercredi 26 janvier 2011

Laser southern cross at the Gemini Observatory


Very impressive, this constellation of 5 artificial stars will soon allow astronomers to observe from the ground with spatial capabilities and more!

mardi 25 janvier 2011

Snow Day

and please listen to this song by Esmerine & Patrick Watson in memory of Lhasa de Sela: